Our terminal is rendering services on acceptance, storage and transshipment of oil products for export and inner markets. We also help in concluding of the contracts for the forwarding, agents, survey services. The wide range of established partnership, including the railway forwarding services, provides full cargo tracking from the moment of its loading into railcars at the dispatch station till discharging on board of floating-storage.

Technology discharge of oil

   The discharging of oil products is performed with the bottom discharge installations, which intended for circulatory heating of fuel oil in the railcars without watering and further discharging into the air-proof free-flow collector.

  The heating of fuel oil is provided by the technology of thermal oil boiler with the German equipment GEKA-KONUS THERMOMATER with the power of 36 000 kWt.

  The heated fuel oil is dividing in two flows, one of which comes through the upper side of the railcar and the second one – through the bottom directly to the discharging line to the circulatory system. This kind of technology helps to decrease the time for heating of fuel oil.

        Period of heating and discharging in winter time is up to 12 hours and 4-6 hour during summer with the average temperature of fuel oil  - 80 deg C.

  Then fuel oil goes down the warm-up pipeline to the berth and then, through the flexible hoses to the floating storage.

   At the efficient usage the transshipment complex may handle about 190 000 mtons of dark oil products during summer perdion and up to 140 000 mtons during winter period. Monthly volume of transshipment of light oil products may come to 250 000 mtons.

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