Our strategy was to build modern technology oil transshipment terminal and become a leader in north part of Russia (our geographical segment).

  Port of Murmansk was and still is the biggest sea gate of Russia in far north. Being smaller, more active, innovative and cooperative than our competitors, we have succeeded to sign partnership agreement. In less than three (3) years all the project, constructions, installation works were performed.

  The main mission of our company is the increasing of the transshipment volumes, spread of scope of services and cargo types, attracting of new partners-clients. We plan the further development of the operational possibilities of the terminal, the construction on shore of the additional storage facility for dark and light oil products.

  From the Sea side the reconstruction of the existing mooring pontoon, dredging works and replacing of the floating storage with the bigger one are also planned. The construction of the second berth will allow to accept the vessel with the deadweight of up to 200 000 mtons.

  The launching of said project will allow to increase the volumes of transshipment, decrease the expenses and to perform the transshipment of different type of cargoes simultaneously. All these will lead us to become one of the biggest and modern transshipment complexes in the north part of Russia.

* * *