The complex is placed on cape Mokhnatkin, Kola Bay, on the territory of military base according to the rent agreement. The agreement is valid till 2037.

“Commodity Service” limited company is registered in 2002 in Murmansk and has full legal and financial independence, operating account and independent balance.

The main areas of activities are the transshipment and storage of oil products. “Commodity Service” is performing the following licensed activities and has following licenses:

-        Construction of buildings of 1 and 2 responsible levels, fulfillment of construction management;

-        Water use;

-        Loading/unloading activity in respect of danger cargoes in sea ports;

-        Loading/unloading activity in respect of danger cargoes in railway transport.

-        Exploitation of explosive industrial facilities;

-        Exploitation of fire dangerous industrial facilities.

The company has the ecology certificates, general liability insurance certificates.

Terminal Mokhnatkina Pakhta includes the following technological equipment:

-       Double-sided railway discharge platform for 29 discharges (fuel oil):

-       Double-sided railway discharge platform for 23 discharges (fuel oil):

-       At both platforms there are 38 discharges for light products with separate collectors:

-       Two pipelines (426 mm), one for fuel oil, one for naphtha from discharge platforms to the vessel Kola Bay, which is used  as a storage, deadweight is 61 000 tons:

-       Thermal heater, includes 8 boilers THZ-40S. Full power 36 MVT:


-       Two fuel oil tanks for the heater, used as the fire to burn thermal oil, two buffer tanks, 20 cubic metres each, containing hot fuel oil, coming from the heater and then to each discharge:


-       Buffer tank (75 cubic metres) down at the berth for pumping remaining product,  while cleaning up and blanking off the pipeline;

-       Pumping station;

-       Office building:

-       Railway station “Mokhnatkina Pakhta”:

The product flows in the pipe by gravity from the discharge platforms to the vessel-storage (80 metres high difference).

Boilers in thermal heater fire fuel oil to heat thermal oil which heats fuel oil in the buffer tanks. Then from the buffer tanks hot fuel oil comes to the discharge and is pumped in the railway car with fuel oil by down and upper injectors.


Such kind of technology requires less time for heating the product and the main advantage of it is waterless process of heating. So the quality of fuel oil is not worsened by steam.

This technology is based on circulation method that is very efficient.

Period of  heating  and  discharging  in winter time  is up  to 12 hours which allows to discharge about 120 000 – 150 000 mtons per month. In summer time is 6-8 hours (150 000 – 180 000 mtons per month).

Characteristics of railway station.

The railway station “Mokhnatkina Pakhta” consists of: automatic driving desk (operating console etc.), siding lines for 80 railcars, rail crossing, point works, alarm system, water system and canalization.

Characteristics of transshipment port facility.

The floating berth is equipped with technical safety means, means of communication and special control in accordance with the requirements of Boarder Service FSB RF. There is permanent customs control zone. The guard of floating berth is carried out by the Internal Guard of Ministry of Transport RF.

The port facility is fully conform with the requirements of International Ship and Port Facility Security Code and is registered as the safe port facility to the official list of International Marine Organization.

At the present moment m/t Kola Bay with the deadweight of 61 000 mtons is used as the floating storage. The sea-going vessels should meet the following parameters: LOA up to 185 meters, beam up to 32 meters, draft 13 meters.